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 ONE DAY - A day in the life of University Radio Bath in 1974

Back in 1973 offshore ‘pirate’ radio stations, satisfying a huge demand for pop music  unfulfilled by the BBC, had  been outlawed for several years; local radio was in its infancy and Radio1, created in response to the popularity of the pirates, dominated music radio in the UK, becoming the most listened-to station on the planet. The time was ripe for a group of students at Bath University to build one of the first university radio stations in the country.

BBC Radio One DJ interviews                         
URB station manager Jon White on the URB anniversary    

Work on University Radio Bath (URB) began in 1972, and the following year the station went on air with a Home Office broadcast license on the Medium Wave Band (312m) and an official opening by Annie Nightingale of Radio One.

URB celebrated its first anniversary with a live Radio One broadcast, from the Students’ Union Bar, hosted by Alan ‘Fluff’ Freeman, another well known DJ of the time.



Main Campus

The beer race at Bath University as part of URB first anniversary

Back in 1973 a film was shot to try and give a flavour of the excitement and diversity of the music scene in 1973, and its importance to young people in a pre-internet, pre-digital age, while the day to day life of the Station reveals the low priority of material values in a much simpler world.

The film was shot on location at the University, and around and about the City of Bath, giving an insight into student life over 40 years ago, with its de rigueur long hair, bell bottoms and skinny rib jumpers.  Such a sound film, depicting the early 70s, is a rarity.

It is only now, with modern digital equipment, that it has been possible to integrate the film with its synchronised sound. The film is directed by Jonathon White (Elect Eng 1974) and produced by Stephen Ainger (Physics 1974) with contributions from many others.

We are grateful to the BBC for allowing the rights to segments of Alan Freeman’s Broadcast, to Anne nightingale for her interview and to Universal Music for giving permission for the music tracks. 

URB is still going strong.

It should be noted that the film is still in post production and is not likely to be released until next year.  It is planned to have its “premier” in London

As usual with any film, particularly one with music, any unauthorised reproduction copying, editing, exchanging, transformation, hiring, lending, public performance, placing on the internet, radio or broadcasting of the film will be strictly prohibited without the written permission of the director and producer.

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Copies of a DVD will be available early next year.


Launch day of URB in 1973

Stills curtesy of: Bath In Time

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Copies of the DVD will be available from the producer next year.

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